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Civil Law Overview

In civil law it is up to individuals and the principals of businesses to sort out their problems by going to court with a lawyer. In other instances, our services involve transactional services, such as drafting the documents needed for various types of business transactions. Briefly, civil practice involves the following areas:


Practice Areas

  • Contract law, which refers to the conclusion of agreements between two or more parties. Each party is obliged to observe the obligations assumed. If any clause of the contract is violated, an action for breach of contract may be necessary
  • Tort law involves cases of personal injury and other civil offenses. The first one includes physical harm or material loss. Among the reasons experts name negligence, willful action and strict responsibility, related to the need to provide absolute security to outsiders, and compensation to those aggrieved and injured.
  • Property law takes care of matters related to real estate or personal assets. As the latter, it can be considered tangible things, such as jewelry, and intangible, for example, copyrights or securities.
  • Family law deals with issues of marriage or divorce, custody of children, adoption problems and other nuances of domestic relations. The court takes an active part in the distribution of finances after dissolution of marriage and establishment of guardianship over kids. In recent years, new issues have appeared, such as same-sex marriages, surrogate motherhood, artificial insemination, etc.

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